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Some of the Things That You Never Knew About Challenge Coins

The use of challenge coins has been there for a number of years especially with the US military. They have been used for many years as awards and this has been seen to be considered at a very high rate, this is one of the most important things that you need to be considering, it matters so much. The challenge coins are important and have been seen to have a great impact on the lives of many people, you can be able to stay relevant in what you have been seeking, it matters so much. There are many materials that make the challenge coins but basically there are some that are very essential like the use of iron, zinc, and brass among others, they have a great representation of what one has achieved.

Those people who achieved various ranks for instance would be offered the commanders coin, it happens to be one of the highest ranks. The commanders’ coin is typically offered to a soldier after they have achieved a certain number of ranks in specific commanders’ rank. When one has achieved this, he is normally regarded as a war hero, this has been there for all period since the ancient times if Rome.

The earliest coins were used during the Roman Empire. You find that the coins in those ages were much simpler compared to now and they came also with a portrait of the receiver and this is how it was offered much respect. They have been there from the world war one where they actually were used at a very high rate and thus even gained more respect from the use.

There were those challenge coins that were used during the era of the squadron at a very high rate. The rich lieutenant would issue the award to the members and this would make the person to feel honored. Through the award members determined whom they were actually areas they would show the challenge coins to their crew. There was a pilot who had been caught putting on the challenge coin in a disrespectful way and this led to him being apprehended, and then escaped where the villagers were had to accept him back.

There was a sort of game that came up when the soldiers returned and there were simple rules in this case. You find that the challenge was determined to know exactly who own the coins or who does not and the one who does not would be committed to buy a drink for the other, the challenge coins were even used at times to determine who is a spy among the soldiers by determining those who had and those who did not have in the right manner. In the recent days you find that the challenge coins are still being awarded and in many cases, they have been accepted by other governments outside US.

In the US the president started the award of the challenge coins in the early 90s and this is where they would offer the members of the government (personnel, police as well as the scientists) after they have achieved something. Over the years the presidency in the US have been awarded the challenge coins and thus has been replicated by other governments outside the US has been seen to play a great role in the continuity of the challenge coins.

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